Why Being Worth More Than The Bank Of China Will Not Solve Your Problem

You’ve probably heard, “money isn’t what matters” a million and a half times.

But no matter how many times people here it, they never seem to get it.

If you’re worth nearly $300 billion, then there is no such thing as a problem for you right?

After all, anyone who has worried if they have enough money to fill their gas tank and make it home will tell you that money sure does solve a lot of problems.

But ask John Stumpf if money is the cure for all problems.

He was the head of Wells Fargo, a bank that was worth almost $300 Billion.

For perspective, that’s more than what the Bank of China is worth.

But all that money couldn’t save Stumpf from retiring with a ruined reputation this week.

Wells Fargo has been in hot water over the past few weeks because regulators discovered that the bank made nearly 2 million fake accounts to charge their customers fees without their consent.

And if it wasn’t bad enough that they were stealing money from their customers, several ex-Wells Fargo employees have said that they were fired for reporting the fake accounts and that their managers even encouraged them to make the fake accounts.

You can’t solve all your problems with money, even if you have more money than the Bank of China.

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