Being Rewarded For Cheating The System?

Have you seen this story about the Post Mates guy on Facebook yet?

Lukas Yla had just a few weeks of money to live off while he visited San Francisco to look for a marketing job with a tech company.

That would be difficult enough, But Yla is also from Lithuania and has no business or education experience in America.

So what was the first thing he did to get closer to finding a job?

He found a bakery that made good doughnuts and ordered a hamburger from the delivery service Post Mates.

You might think that he was just being lazy, but Yla actually was laying the groundwork for a genius plan.

Yla tested out the Post Mates system so he could disguise himself and deliver the doughnuts (which he also tested thoroughly) to CEOs in the area.

He also snuck his resume into the box so that when they opened the box they had to read it.

Yla even went as far as copying the Post Mates logo onto a t-shirt to complete his look.

The results?

Out of the 40 boxes he delivered, he landed 10 interviews.

Including one with Post Mates after they heard his story.

See, CEOs could have kicked Yla out and Post Mates could have sued him for using their logo.

But because he was creative, Yla was rewarded for working around the system.

And you can too.

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Joseph Smith

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