Can You Create Your Own Hollywood

We all know that Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the


But did you know that Chicago was originally the place to be for

filmmakers during the silent film era?

Look it up, it’s a fact.

So, what happened?

During the 1920s Thomas Edison had a patent on the only camera

that was widely available.

And he only allowed 9 studios to use his camera, and of course he

charged them a fee.

But some people made films without paying Tom his fee.

And Edison sued them.

Solution? Every filmmaker that didn’t have Edison’s approval,

moved as far away from Edison as they could.

And that just happened to be Los Angeles.

Are the pressures of YOUR life telling you need to move to

somewhere more favorable?

Maybe you can’t literally move away, but you can at least DO

something far different from what you’re doing now. You can MOVE

your money-making ventures as far away from your current job as


Do you need to make a move?

Start here…



Joseph Smith

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