You Have To Work At Your Business Not Just Be In It

Michael Gerber wrote a couple of brilliant books on small business called The E-Myth and The E-Myth Revisited, and here they are in one sentence:

“You can’t just work in your business; you’ve got to work on your business.”

It’s like trying to bike across the country:

If you were a noob, you’d just pedal as hard as you could from LA to NYC.

Smart people check their tire pressure, lube the gears, clean the derailleurs, and change out parts when they’re getting old.

If your bike’s gonna go the distance, it’s got to be in high-performing condition.

How do you know your business’ systems are any good?

Ours are great.

We’ve been honing our top-tier business model for over (eight) years with (over a thousand) clients, and everyone who has followed it has been making killer commissions.

Try our model and…

You’ll never have to create your own products
Never have to set up your own websites
Never have to devise your own sales funnels
Never go through the headache of customer service or returns, and…
NEVER make your own phone sales.

Your time is too valuable to spend changing bike parts. Just turn in your clunker here and ride with us to financial freedom.

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Joseph Smith

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