Do You Believe This Popular Legend About Charles Dickens ?

According to popular legend, some old newspaper company paid

Charles Dickens 10 cents for every word he wrote.

But that can’t possibly be true.

Even if it is, that will never happen again.

Today, everyone wants to write, and no one wants to read.

The online business market is bursting with little Darles

Chickenses who think that their leads are drooling over their

every syllable.

I gotta let you in on a little secret:

They’re not.

Writing to drive traffic, convert leads, and make sales is hard


But it’s also a “science” — which just means “a well-researched

and battle-tested way to get results.”

And we’re going to teach it to you.

Put down your Pulitzer Prize winner, join us, and we’ll make some

real money.

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Joseph Smith

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