The Legend Of The Black Belt

Do you know the legend behind the black belt?

If you or your kids do karate, then you know that every beginner starts with a white belt to go with their uniform.

As a karate student gets better, they get different color belts to show their skill level.

Yellow, orange, green, and several other colors until they become a master.

Then they get a black belt.

But why is the master’s belt black?

Legend says that the black belt became the master’s belt because they were the dirtiest belts.

The students white belt would get dirty over years of training with sweat and dirt from the floor when they would fall or be thrown to the ground.

As you can imagine, it took a lot of falling down and sweat to turn the white belt black.

But that was you had to do to become a master.

The same is true with everything else in life. The only way to master something is by working hard for years and falling down more times than you can remember.

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