How Much Would You Pay For 3,000 Views

What’s the best way to get a room of people’s attention?

Scream fire.

But now that we have social media, one person took that type of thinking to a whole new level.

And is paying a price for it.

Johnny Mullins is an aspiring weatherman from Kentucky who posts videos on Facebook called “Weather Outlook” where he predicts the weather.

Mullins was unhappy with the number of views his videos were getting.

So what’d he do?

Across the Southeastern United states there had been forest fires the past couple of weeks, and Mullins seized that as an opportunity.

He couldn’t get close enough to a real forest fire, so he started one and filmed an update with it in the background.

The video earned him almost 3,000 views, but he also earned 2nd degree arson charges.

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