Are You On Your Way Driving For Uber ?

Staying relevant online isn’t easy.

Hell, even the most iconic people and voices online can get forgotten about and left behind.

Just look at Elwood Edwards.

Don’t recognize his name? You’d probably recognize his voice.

He’s the man behind the old school AOL, “Welcome, You’ve Got Mail” track that played every time people logged online.

This guy was one of the most well known voices on the internet when it was just scratching its potential.

So is he in an internet hall of fame or busy making a fortune doing other voice gigs?

Nope, he drives an Uber now.

You would think that a voice as iconic as Edwards would earn him some serious income with the role it played in the online explosion, but if you don’t stay relevant and on the cutting edge of the online world then you get sent to the back of the line with everyone else.

And if you’re trying to do that by advertising online?

Good luck, you’ll need it if you’re going at earning an online fortune by yourself.

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Joseph Smith

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