Mashed Potatoes

During the holidays, a terribly glorious thing happens to food.

By this cosmic mystery, I find myself in front of rich, hearty, sumptuous meals that look like medieval feasts.

(aka, “I feel like freaking King Arthur!”)

If nowhere else in the world, around this table there is no distinction between young and old, between man and woman, between gourmet chef and… well… me. In this mystery, all are equally rich.

And this mystery is:

The Potluck Dinner.

In front of me are smoked and fried turkey, bacon mashed potatoes, homemade walnut sourdough bread, and wild fruit pies with scorched and candied toppings.

At potluck dinner, you can bring a pack of napkins, and it’s everyone else’s job to take care of feeding you like a king.

MTTB is the potluck version of a business.

You bring $49 and a determined attitude…

And we’ll bring the web design, tech support, sales funnel, lead development, marketing funnel, sales team, order fulfillment, and customer service.

(Mm. Those sound like 8 good reasons to have us over for dinner.)

Or you could go back to eating that cold ham sandwich it looks like you’ve got.




Joseph Smith

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