Is Your Boss A Wonderful Wizard Or A Wicked Witch ?

Why do I pick on stupid gurus and bad bosses? I’m sure some of them are great guys and gals, maybe very encouraging people, but they still don’t deserve your business.

It’s like the not-so-wonderful Wizard of Oz says when he’s exposed as a phony at the end of that movie… The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

After Dorothy and her friends finish their trippy trip to the Celestial City, and the wizard wasn’t actually able to help Dorothy get home, he says in his defense:

“I’m not a bad man, I’m just a bad wizard.”

Or my translation: “I’m a nice guy, but I can’t do my job.”

Good bosses give their employees inspiring work with clear expectations, room for creativity, and compensation that matches their efforts.

Most people are going to have a boss for most of their life, but they usually settle for bad bosses.

I’m not a “wizard,” but I’m a good boss.

And I’ll do for you what good bosses are supposed to do: Get you good work and good pay.

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Joseph Smith

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