Making Money Is Like Checking Facebook

When I woke up and checked my phone this morning, I had nine new “likes” and 14 “comments” on a picture I posted in 2008.

I sat up and said out loud, “What in the what?”

(While inside I said, “Coffee. Coffee will make sense of all confusion.”)

But I read further, and it turns out, it was one of those “This Day In History” posts that an old friend of mine thought was worth sharing.

She had shared the photo and started a conversation on it, and a bunch of her friends who hadn’t seen the photo before freaked out and started inadvertently spamming me with all their comments.

This has been my experience of my passive income stream.

After you set a few things in motion, this wicked combination of the Internet, crazy humans, and a time-tested, like-clockwork marketing strategy takes things into its own hands

Imagine checking your Facebook and being notified of direct deposits to your bank account to the tune of $1000, $3000, or $5000.

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Joseph Smith

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