How To Avoid Admins Train Wrecks

If administrative train wrecks make you nauseous, don’t read any further. Everything you’re about to read is 100% true. Names have not been changed, and no one’s identity is protected.

(Wait. Adminis-train-wreck? Nah, forget it.)

So, last week, I was sitting in a chair at my buddy’s office, waiting to drive him home from work.

Paul walks over to the front desk and asks Micah to pick up bulletins from the print shop.

15 minutes later, Micah comes back from the shop looking like he’s seen a ghost.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“They didn’t have the bulletins. They said someone else already grabbed them, but their system didn’t say who or when. Paul’s not in his office, and he isn’t answering his phone. What do I do?”

Micah proceeds to send an emergency email to Charlotte and Ellie, telling them to come back in ASAP.

Both show up, flustered, but Micah had already run out to do another errand.

“Are you Charlotte and Ellie?” I asked.

They were, and so I told them that Micah was looking for the bulletins, at which announcement Charlotte rolled her eyes and stormed out, and Ellie said she had already picked them up and put them in Paul’s desk.

When Micah finally made it back, I was able to share the good news with him.

Does this story sound familiar?

Never again.

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Joseph Smith

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