Coffee Shops Are Blowing Up What Are You Going To Do About It ?

End-of-year industry reports are pointing two major trends that are shocking the traditional business world.

Self-employed business ownership is sky-rocketing (big surprise…)

And unprecedentedly successful coffee shops are popping up like wildflowers.

Which is funny.

You’d think that every livin’-with-my-mom, working-on-my-new-EP millennial was trying to start a coffee shop.

But it makes total sense:

2016 has seen two species of entrepreneurs: those who start coffee shops (and make a little bit of money) and those who work in them (and make a lot more money).

Hop on board, my Frappe-friend, because this is where work is headed.

If you want to start a coffee shop, click here.

If you want a better job, click below.



Joseph Smith

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