Stop Fighting Gravity

What’s the difference between throwing a Frisbee and throwing a football?

When you throw a football, you arch your back, heave it high and hard, and let it go.

It spins rapidly, but what always happens?

Gravity turns it into a bag of potatoes.

When you throw a Frisbee, you stand up straight, take a couple of steps, do a little twist and shout, and spin it away in a straight line.

And the Frisbee floats on.

It’s not that the Frisbee thrower is stronger. Skinny guys throw Frisbees hundreds of feet further than burly guys throw footballs.

His thing just straight up flies better.

And when it comes business, results are all that matter.

Hey football man! Stop fighting gravity, and try on our aerodynamic small business model.

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Joseph Smith

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