The Only New Year’s Resolution You Won’t Quit

How do you know you’re going to keep your New Year’s Resolutions this year?

If you’re like 92% of people who make resolutions, you’re going to fail yours.

What’s their problem?

They don’t have real accountability.

Most people set vague goals like “lose weight,” “get organized,” or “enjoy life more fully.”

And even if they have a plan, they’re accountable either to their soft-and-nice friends, or to their-soft-and-nice-self.

If you want to lose weight and enjoy life more fully, get a dog.

Get the kind of dog that, if you don’t take her out on long walks, will piss on your shoes and tear up your furniture.

That’s what I call motivation!

Here’s another idea:

If you want to save more without spending less, enjoy life, spend more time with family, and add excitement to your work life, start a business with MTTB.

We’ll do everything short of piss on your shoes to make sure you make your business successful.



Joseph Smith

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