How To Make It As An Musician Or An Entrepreneur

They call it the solo musician’s best friend: the loop pedal.

It’s a pretty simple concept:

You can record one line of music, maybe some chords, and play them back ‘on loop.’

Then, they can play another line that adds to the first one. Maybe some more rhythmic strumming.

Keep it up, and you can quickly sound like you’re playing 5 guitars at once!

It’s not deception. It’s not magic. It’s resourceful.

And all good solo musicians do it.

MTTB is the loop pedal of small business.

Put in some start up work, and make regular commissions of $1000, $3000, $5000, $9000, or more, while you move on to something else.

If you haven’t set up your passive income ‘loop,’ how are you gonna keep up?

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Joseph Smith

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