What Can This Lord Of The Rings Character Tell Us About Business Coaching ?

Have you read through The Lord of the Rings yet?

If not, you should.

Everyone loves it for a different reason, but I love its piercing insights into human nature.

I think the most fascinating and pitiable character is the shriveled old hobbit Smeagol who, although he truly wants to serve Frodo, eventually caves to his ravenous lust for power.

He painfully proves the old maxim: “A man cannot serve two masters.”

The MTTB team is full of expert students of human nature.

Our coaches and salesmen understand their clients motives better than the clients do themselves!

If you’ve read this far, I know you’re not satisfied with the relationship between your work and your life.

Are you interested in working with a business that will treat you like a human person?

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Joseph Smith

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