Children’s Literature Is Just Content Marketing

A homeless man in New York City was just gifted a plane ticket home to join his family for a relative’s Christmas-time funeral.

The ticket came from an anonymous lady in Connecticut, and neither party new each other.

The story is beautiful, but it should at least make you scratch your head:

How the heck?

How did this woman…
Hear about this guy?
Learn the significant details of his story?
Become emotionally affected by it?
Reach him with a plane ticket?

One word:


A professional writer in New York designed a Facebook post to go viral and, without boosting it, it went viral.

And by that gift, out of all the homeless people in New York, this guy gets to go home.

Do you see the value of good writing?

The difference between this man having a family reunion and everyone who isn’t having one isn’t about money: it’s about good writing.

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Joseph Smith

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