Elementary Education Is Just Content Marketing

Children’s literature is just content marketing.

Your kids’ teachers pick books that preach the values they want your kids to learn, and they read them out loud to the whole class.

Some parents choose bedtime stories that communicate the values they want their kids to grow up with.

At Christmastime, I get to do the same for my nieces and nephews.

Even adults read fewer books than children do, it’s the same story:

All media moralizes, especially the TV shows we sit in front of.

I’m not trying to make a judgment about the media we choose for ourselves and our children. I just want us to realize that we do choose.

And that tells us this big secret…

Content marketing is alive and kicking.

But we’ve never doubted that, and we’re making our partners commissions in the $1000s, $3000s, $5000s, and $9000s by converting their leads into sales.

Which side of the “television” do you want to be on?

Stop buying and start selling.

Trust me, it feels a lot better over here.

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Joseph Smith

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