This Is The Second Most Common Lie

If the most common lie is “Yes, I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions,” I think I know the second most common one:

“Oh yeah, I floss.”

For years, my dental hygienist has either been as dumb as a rock, or she’s too non-confrontational to call me on my BS.

In any case, that all just changed.

Tina’s soft regime has finished, and Sigrid is hard as enamel.

“How is your flossing?” she asked, looming over my lying mouth.

“Oh, not bad, but not great,” I lied.

Without blinking, she shot: “Did you know that your bacteria swims in your mouth for about 23 hours before settling down and colonizing? That means they only do work on the days you don’t floss, and those are the days that march you closer to debilitating gum disease.”

I went home and flossed. Voluntarily. For the first time in 2016.

Why don’t we do the things we know are good for us?

That’s a deep mystery of human nature.

But it’s no mystery how people wake up from it:

Someone shakes them awake.

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Joseph Smith

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