Reason #481 Not To Trust A Guru

There’s a hilarious new trend among millennials where tablet-toting city kids are trying to “simplify” by moving out to the country.

It sounds so nice in principle:
– get away from the hustle, bustle, and noise
– no more worries about what “the man” is putting in your fresh veggies
– reconnecting with the earth

But that’s not the hilarious part…

What’s funny is that most of them move back almost immediately.


Turns out you have to wake up real early to manage a farm.
And their craft sushi joint doesn’t deliver where there aren’t paved roads.
And when the Internet goes out… it’s out!

The country’s not for everybody.

Some guru sold them a romantic ideal and left out all the game-changing details.

(Or, Reason #481 never to trust a guru)

MTTB certainly isn’t for everyone either.

When we sit down with prospective members, and have real conversations, lots of people say, “You know, I don’t think this is for me.”

But we’ve heard so many more people say, “Here’s my break. This is a model that makes sense, that’s going to challenge me, but that I can follow.” Our transparency has skyrocketed our retention, and we’re really excited to welcome you to the team too.



Joseph Smith

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