How To Know If You’re Getting A Real Business Education

The home business industry is so full of duds that it’s hard to know when you’ve picked a winner.

Here’s another test: Do their offer include a real business education?

(Start a man a business, feed him for a little while. Teach a man to start a business… feed him for life.)

Here’s one question I ask to sniff out a weak business education:

Do they sell static materials or interactive opportunities?

I’m sure people they’ve tried to sell you their e-books, their video series’, their webinar recordings, etc.

All that says is this:

“I want you to drop hundreds of dollars for a static piece of teaching material that costs me nothing to reproduce.”

If you want an education, hold out for an opportunity that provides one-on-one coaching and a peer learning community.

Don’t let them trick you into thinking you need overpriced educational materials.

Click here for a real business education.



Joseph Smith

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