Three Reasons Why To Never Click On Penny Hoarder Ads

Do you keep seeing Facebook ads for “The Penny Hoarder?”

It’s a website that pumps out article after article of small ways to make small money from home.

Here’s why respectable people like you shouldn’t give them any web traffic:

– Their solutions are unsustainable.

I know as well as you that money gets tight. But I also know that “tight money” is the symptom, not the problem. MTTB provides a consistent passive income stream that is a sure financial foundation.

– It’s self-disrespecting.

Think about their name: “Penny hoarder.” You’re not a Penny Hoarder. You’re a hard worker willing to invest in a well-proven, time-tested money-making opportunity when it comes knocking.

– Positive psychology benefits.

It does wonders for your psychology to know that the money you’re putting down on your kids’ education, your week-long vacation, or your down-payment on a new car comes from your hard work at something you own. Watching videos of celebrities and completing surveys doesn’t have that same effect.

If you’ve ever been tempted to click on Penny Hoarder, that’s a symptom. (I’ve been there, and I know it well.)

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Joseph Smith

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