A Surprisingly Religious Solution To Your Work Life.

Does something in your work life or financial life need to change?

I recommend a surprising method: prayer.

Some people pray by closing the door, closing their eyes, kneeling on the ground, folding their hands, and speaking their hearts and minds to God.

But I’m thinking of a different kind of prayer…

The Bible tells a surprising story about prayer:

A widow, feeling she has been wronged, visits a judge night and day, nagging.

Just nagging.

Pulling on his sleeve and reminding him, “I’m here! I’m here! Whatcha gonna do?”

Eventually, according to Jesus, the judge gives her what she wants. Not because she deserves it… But because her nagging worked.

If that counts as prayer, the MTTB phone sales team is extremely religious.

And, oh, did I mention that they not only make all your phone sales for you, but they will also fulfill your orders and deal with your customers?

You can do all you want of the first kind of prayer; but if you start with MTTB, we’ll nag night and day for you. And don’t get me started on the commissions we pay out…

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Joseph Smith

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