This Job Interview Will Make You Angry

Earlier this week, a daughter of a friend of mine had a job interview for a first-year teaching position.

What the principal told her will make you furious.

Here are some of the things he said:

“I see you majored in music. So did I! We’ll have to set aside several hours a week for you to observe our music classes.”

“We understand that the transition from college to the workforce can be a lonely one. Our staff goes out to see movies together, play volleyball together, and some people even go horseback riding together!”

“I’m sorry cash is tight. If you need some of your salary upfront to put down money at your apartment, we can make that happen.”

She hung up and cancelled all of her other interviews, because she wants to work for this school.

When I tell this story, people have one of three reactions:

1. Jealousy: “I wish I had a job like that.”
2. Smug denial: “Jobs like that don’t exist; something will go wrong.”
3. Action: “Are they still hiring?”

Those first two people are still reeling in their bitterness.

The third person didn’t get a job as a teacher; he started a business with MTTB.

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Joseph Smith

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