Sleeping Through Another Leadership Seminar, Take II

Last week, a friend of mine roped me into attending another ho-hum, put-you-to-sleep leadership seminar.

Apparently I was too polite, because they invited me to another one this week.

But my time’s too valuable for that, so I said “No.”

He protested and then tried appealing to my emotions.

So I gave him these three good reasons why feel-good gurus will never make effective leaders:

1. They lie. First, this guru did what a lot of gurus do: appeal to people’s self-esteem by calling them all leaders. But he’s forgotten one of the essential attributes of a leader: followers. The better the leader, the more followers they have.

2. They create no value. The only thing they sell is themselves. (And where I come from, we call that prostitution.) The only thing they can offer you is a chance to make them money by making them more famous. Of course, they’ll give you a cut.

3. They have bad fake smiles. Okay, this isn’t a legitimate reason; it just bugs me is all.

MTTB is here to tell you the truth: you’re not a leader. You don’t have customers. But the reason we exist is to get you more customers so that… you will become what you are not yet. A leader.

I’m not going to ask you to make me famous. You go and set up your own business, under your own name, and use us as a resource, not a mascot.

Finally, no fake smiles here. MTTB has made my life better, not perfect. Nothing will make your life perfect. The success of our business model hinges on our sales, not on being happy-flappy-and-you-can-toooo!

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Joseph Smith

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