Story. Why Is Finding Work So Hard

I want to tell you a parable about work.

One day, a CNN reporter covered a story on the difficulty of finding work in 21st century America.

Three friends had watched it together, huddled around the Democrat’s iPad mini: a Republican, a Democrat, and Laura. (We never quite figured out what Laura was… she didn’t talk much…)

The Republican stood up halfway through, pointed his finger at his friends, and said, “If poor people would just bend their backs and work hard, they could stop complaining about privilege problems and just enjoy their lives.”

The Democrat, offended, pointed out, “While that’s okay in theory, do you have any idea about what kinds of barriers prevent willing and able people from accessing the work opportunities that privileged people like you have?”

Lori typed away on her laptop.

The Republican shot back, “In the meantime, your welfare program is stopping them from working.”

The Democrat: “No, their unfair background is stopping them from working.”

“Why don’t they get their act together and apply for jobs?”

“They can’t apply for jobs.”

Lori typed away on her laptop.

The two went on for days, arguing about which forces were preventing people from working.

Meanwhile, Lori thought to herself: “I’m no economist, and I’m no philosopher. I don’t know what’s preventing people from finding work. I’m grateful that all I need to start my own business through MTTB is $49 and access to a computer.”

By the end of the week, the two were no closer to reaching an agreement. But Lori had already made two sales.

Moral of the story: Leave the big-picture questions to the pundits, and do work when you have it. Be a Lori.

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Joseph Smith

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