Is Your Soul Wilting ?

A friend of mine tells a story about his first experience with a gun.

He and his brother Tom were fooling around with a rifle in their uncle’s backyard…
(how’s that for a precarious start to a story!)

And Tom sets his sights on a tiny red ladybug
Sitting on a twiggy brown branch

So… he walks up within 6 inches of Lady Bug…
… squints his eyes real small…
… shuts out everything around him, and …


Not only did he completely miss the ladybug…
Tom shot straight through, and totally shattered, the window of the RV sitting 10 feet in front of him!

How in the world did he not see the RV sitting right in front of him?!

I guess some people can focus so intently on what’s right in front of them that they accidentally destroy big picture things that matter more.

I see so many people working for “the man,” just to make a lame, steady paycheck.

Meanwhile, not only are their souls wilting, but jobs don’t last forever anyway.

They’re going to be in a sorry spot when “life” happens.

Don’t be one of them.

Look at the big picture:

– Find work that will feed your soul
– Find work that will build you a solid financial base for when “life” inevitably happens
– Find work that will develop you professionally and qualify you for all sorts of new jobs, should you ever desire to switch

Click here, and let’s get started.



Joseph Smith

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