Make Your Income Like An Avalanche

We are well into 2017, which means that most New Year’s resolutions have been forgotten and put on next years to do list.

Maybe you’re the exception, but most of us fail to follow through with our resolutions within a matter of months. Not for lack of trying, but most people simply do not prepare to follow through with their resolutions.

The #1 reason?

High expectations with low vision.

Losing weight and going to the gym is a great resolution, but most people find themselves in the same position every January 1st is. No reaches their ideal size and shape in a month. Not even two or three months is enough time to reach most weight loss goals.

And that means that for a least a few months, people think they are failing. They’ve put in the time and effort and have nothing to show for it so they give up or change their plan.

But avalanches don’t start out as massive rivers of rock and snow. First, they begin as tiny pieces of ice so small that we can barely see them. Enough of those add up and you get snow on the ground. Enough snow on the ground and you get an avalanche, and even that’s only in the right conditions.

Great events and changes are built upon tiny moments and decisions over long periods of time. No matter how small the choice may seem now, it could lead to something great.

For example, the link at the end of this email will take you to MTTB’s homepage where you’ll learn how you can earn thousands every week from you own computer. Clicking it won’t earn you a fortune or turn you into a millionaire next week, but it the first snowflake of what could turn into an avalanche of income.

If you have the vision to begin the journey, MTTB has the system to lead you to wealth.

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Joseph Smith

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