The Tsunami That Will Destroy Your Income

Advertising fraud cost the industry $8.2 billion dollars in 2016.

Now that’s a broad statement because that includes all types of advertising, but as online and mobile adds grow more popular you can bet that as the years go on more and more of that money will come from online advertising.

Just think of how many banner and pop up ads you see every time you go online that you know are pure clickbait. It might not seem like it could get worse but it surely will.

Here’s the worse news.

As the number of fraudulent online ads increase, consumer trust in online advertising decreases.

Each poorly formatted ad that makes ridiculous claims erodes a little bit of the consumer’s trust in online advertising like waves against a rock. It might take a while but water can turn mountains into sand. And with the number of “lose 2x the weight in ½ the time” ads we can expect in the coming years, it’s like there’s a tsunami heading straight for all online advertisers’ incomes..

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We’re not promising you that joining MTTB will make you an instant millionaire like a clickbait add would, but we are promising that if you follow through with your training you will start seeing commissions that could be worth as much as $5,000.

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Joseph Smith

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