How A Viking Will Earn You A Fortune

Wealth, comfort, or whatever it is that you want most is within your reach but you simply can’t see it.

Before you list all the reasons why I’m wrong, read this and see how you feel afterwards.

As you can tell by his name, Bjarni Herjólfsson was a Viking merchant sailor in the 10th century. Every year he would sail to Iceland to visit his father, but one year a storm blew him and his crew off course.

He sailed past Iceland, past Greenland, and into what was the unknown to him. Of course, eventually he did see land, but he immediately knew he wasn’t seeing Iceland or Greenland.

The land he saw was covered in mountains and trees, which neither Iceland or Greenland was. As a businessman, this sight should’ve made Herjólfsson thank Valhalla because at the time Greenland desperately wanted lumber. And even if he wasn’t interested in earning a fortune the thought of discovering a new land should’ve had him chomping at the bit to go ashore.

But Herjólfsson simply turned his boat around and sailed back to his father.


Because Herjólfsson didn’t sail to discover a new world, he just wanted to see his dad. AKA, he was too blinded by his short term goals to see the opportunity that was in front of him.

Family is family, but it’s easy to get so focused on driving to work, making dinner, or whatever it is that you need to do to make it to tomorrow that you don’t see glaring opportunities in front of you.

Chances are you’ve already missed out on your own North America because you had your head too far in the day to day. But now you have another chance.

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