How To Begin The Best Years Of Your Life Right Now

Let’s be optimistic and say that you’re going to live to be 100 years old.

The majority of the first 25 will be spent growing wishing that you were old enough to have responsibilities and freedom. You’ll be sent to school where you’ll be taught how you can stay afloat for the next 75 years.

Then, for the next 25 years you’ll learn the hard way that responsibility isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This is where you will sink or swim. Maybe it’s hard for you to remember what it’s like to start at the ground floor or maybe you’re there right now, but everyone can agree that it’s not fun.

For the next 25 years you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor, but still working. You won’t have the odd hours and the pay will be better, but unless your one of the few people who never work a day in their lives work is still work. If you’re lucky, you’ll retire within this quarter.

And then, at last, the best years of your life have arrived. You’ll be retired, living comfortably, and doing all the things you never had time for over the past 75 years.

At least, that’s if you’re lucky.

Because not everyone gets the happy ending, and even if you do is it really worth it?

Are 75 years of worry and stress worth 25 good ones? Remember you only get 100 (And that’s being generous)

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