Nothing About This Is Dull

Try to remember the driest, most boring, lecture you’ve ever heard.

Maybe think back to college, or church, a TV program, or your parents.

Got it?

I wonder if we’re thinking of the same speaker:
… the one who clearly has no clue who his audience is
… or what they want
… or even what he’s talking about!

I thought of a lecture I attended from a visiting philosophy professor back in college.

When he finished, I turned to a gal behind me and asking:

“So, what was your favorite part?”

And I’ll never forget her answer: “When he said “In conclusion!””

This lecturer obviously never studied the science of compelling communication.

Our marketing coaches and full-time sales team are the kinds of people lecturers wish they were:

They speak like humans…
And humans listen and buy what they sell.

For $49, not only will they give you one-on-one marketing coaching, but they’ll close all your sales for you!

You know the drill by now.

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Joseph Smith

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