Another Parable About Passive Income

I’d like to tell you another parable about passive income.

Because if you really understood it… you’d be the one trying to explain it to other people!

Making passive income is like giving birth to twin teenage boys:

With bodies that big, it hurts like hell to give birth to ‘em, but by the time their born, they’re already nearly adults.

And these twin boys start up a lawn mowing business.

Only, you have the trademark on their last name!

So, every time they mow a lawn for $35, you get $25 of it.

Making passive income is like having adult children who you don’t have to pay much to raise, but who spend each day going out and making you crazy commissions.

And I’m talking commissions in the $1000s, $5000s, $9000s and more!

Click here to see what that could look like for you:



Joseph Smith

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