Globalization, Marketing, & Friendship

This week, I had a conversation with a young man named Justin.

He expressed this concern about globalization and how it gets people’s priorities all out of whack:

“Because of globalization, people are able to pursue really specific career goals, and so they leave their friends for jobs.

But first, they can leave their friends for really niche education that just puts a bunch of ideas in their heads. It doesn’t make them that much smarter—it just makes it harder for them to relate to us back home!

The biggest hit is that instead of apprenticeships, companies offer internships.

Back in the day, if you wanted to be a teacher, you would go to the school, be apprenticed by teachers, and then become a teacher. You wouldn’t have to leave home.

But now, if you want to be a teacher, you’ve got to leave home and get a four-year degree, make more temporary friends, and then move wherever you can get a job.

Globalization is killing friendship, man.”

I sympathized with Justin and had to agree that the modern way we have to go about job searches does cause us to make more sacrifices than we’d like to make.

But then I told him about MTTB, which offers one-on-one apprenticeship wherever you are.

Stay home, learn how to start your own business by doing it alongside and under the guidance of our experts.

No fancy schools…
No years of collecting internship “experience” before getting a real job…
No unnecessary sacrifice of home and friends…

Don’t let your life be blown about by market trends.

The world is full of dead leaves.

Set down roots and do what you want where you want.

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Joseph Smith

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