Adele Was Awesome

Please tell me you saw Adele perform at the Grammys.

If you didn’t, you need to stop reading this email right now and go watch it, because everything I could tell you today you’d learn better hearing it from her.

Anyway, here’s a recap:

On national television, on music’s biggest stage, one of music’s biggest stars messed up. F-bombed. And asked for a do-over.

And the audience ate it up.


Because once one successful person admits that they’re normal, they just start oozing with ethos.

And you would be, too, if you had the guts to fail big, admit it, and ask for a do-over.

The thing you need to understand about Adele is that she’s a normal who learned how to sing. Like you could have been if you had put in the effort and were self-confident (or self-deceived) enough to follow your dreams.

Your office, your neighborhood, your apartment complex – they’re teeming with people who wish they had the guts to do hard work, fail big, and keep going.

Don’t be one of those.

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Joseph Smith

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