Saul Needed A New Resume

Saul needed a new resume, but the bus ride was too long.

There’s a service, maybe an hour away, more by bus, for unskilled laborers to get professionally designed resumes for free.

Saul needed a resume because he needs a new job. He needs to make $100 more each month so that he can afford an apartment in a better part of town, with less crazy roommates.

Unfortunately, his boss is a crazy person too, and she won’t give him more hours.

So Saul feels stuck.

When we talked, I was struck by how far a little bit of money goes.

If he had $100 more each month, he could live in a better place with a better landlord and roommates.

Being less stressed, he’d spend less time at restaurants and bars, and more time cultivating a home life and putting away money to take community college courses in a certificate program.

Then he could move out of food service, or move to a management position.

Isn’t it crazy how much different our lives would be with a little extra money coming in?

I’m not talking “lambos” and “vacation houses.”

I’m talking “normal.”

Let MTTB help you find “normal,” whatever that means for you.

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Joseph Smith

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