How Work Has Changed, And Why We Hate It

Today’s work isn’t what it used to be.

And that’s because the way we evaluate our jobs has significantly shifted.

The privilege of expecting your work to be fulfilling, or even a source of happiness, is brand new.

Lots of companies are catching on, and they’re working hard to innovate work environments that care for our personal, felt needs.

And with that, there’s a new social pressure, constantly expressed over social media to “love your job.”

Most people hate their jobs because, now more than ever, there is the possibility to love their jobs… and they don’t.

Now, you could take this one of two ways:
“Great, so it’s fine if I don’t like my dull, workaday job. Fantastic.”
“Who are these companies supposedly making lovable jobs?”

To the first one, “Have a good day.”

But to you, I want to introduce you to MTTB.

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Joseph Smith

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