What Line Of Work Should You Choose ?

How do I know the line of work that’s best for me?

People today—especially you millennials out there—are generally terrible at answering this question.

What they do is take a job, imagine all the good parts of it, act surprised at the bad parts, feel lost, and dream about a better job without the bad parts.

But here’s the secret: All jobs are ‘meh.’

That is to say, they all have some good, and they all have some bad.

No matter what anyone says.

We tend to think of ‘good work’ too individualistically.

Here’s my recommendation:

Do anything that allows you to the chance to build discipline, learn skills, provide for your loved ones, and become a better human.

So I have just one question about your workplace:

Whose job is it to oversee your growth in discipline, character, and job skills?

Who’s making sure you’re going to come out a better human?

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Joseph Smith

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