Lent Is New Year’s Resolution for Religious People

Lent is like New Year’s resolutions for religious people.

Sure, the lightweights out there are cutting back on chocolate, or checking Instagram only a dozen times a day instead of two dozen.

But if you want to watch ‘resolved’ human beings… ‘tis the season.

(New Years’ resolutions are the minor leagues.)

You’d be amazed at what strong-willed worshipers are able to do when they cut TV out of their evenings and find themselves with 14 extra hours each week.

It’s something fearsome.

Picking up part time jobs
Resuming hobbies they had to put on pause when they had children
Getting out and meeting more people

It’s amazing how ‘giving stuff up’ slims down your life and helps you focus in on your goals.

It’s not too late for you.

Give something up.

Instead, try this:
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No, really. I think this is a good time to get going.

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Joseph Smith

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