How To Keep Your Money And Your Soul From Going Stale

Let me share a lesson from my twenties:

When you leave rice in the pot, it gets stale.

Imagine the hysterics of a poor, post-college student waking up to find that their breakfast (okay, maybe lunch… and dinner too) was completely inedible in the morning.

I know it’s just rice, and it’s just 89 cents a pound, but when you’re in your twenties…

Ya can’t waste a dime!

Thank heavens, most of us are far from that place, and we either have jobs… or Tupperware!

But the principle still applies.

Whatever you leave un-invested goes stale:
Money is safer in your 401(k) than in your savings account
Reliable mutual funds will help you grow you money more than either of those
When you watch crappy TV, your mind shuts down and your imagination loses strength
When you work a dead-end job, your potential to do meaningful work, grow professionally, or improve your weekend and vacation life is all but snuffed out
When you aren’t working toward the life that you want, your dreams fade so far that you can’t even remember them

You get it.

The solution is simple: put it back into play

If you don’t, it will just die a slower death.

I encourage you to make MTTB the place and the opportunity in which you decide to re-invest your skills, passions, and $49.

Scales will fall from your eyes.

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Joseph Smith

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