How To Make Money

If you want to always be able to make plenty of money to support yourself, and your family, and the needy around you…

There’s really only 1 thing you need to know.

The ability to make money = being useful to other people.

That’s the one question rolling around like a marble in the back of every interviewer’s mind:

Can this person do what I need?

You could have the winningest personality
The best education
The richest daddy
Or be following your passion harder than anyone else

And that’s all nice.

But can you help?

You see people getting sucked into expensive universities, business schools, or networking associations.

And that’s all nice.

But is it forming you to be a person who can start a business?
Who could start a consulting firm?
Who could have so many wanna-be clients banging on your door that you’ve gotta hire out or say ‘No, Thank you!’

Here’s today’s reason to sign up for MTTB:

The marketing skills you master will make you useful.
And you will make money wherever you go.
Am I right?

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Joseph Smith

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