Action Movies Are All The Same

Action movies: they’re all the same.

Some sweaty guy with his faced scrunched into a pained frown tries to make off with money, but there’s a cold, conspiring bureaucracy in his way.

Shots are fired.

Money changes hands.

Men will watch three in a row whenever their wives are gone for the weekend.

But here’s the reason they all feel the same:

The fight to keep money from getting away—however loud and explosive it is—is glorified manual labor.

None of us using MTTB will have our lives turned into action movies.

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ or ‘unsettling’ about contented flourishing, so it won’t sell.

So, here’s our pitch:

Let us help you make your work life the most boring thing in the world… so that you can get on with living your life.

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Joseph Smith

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