The Secret To Great Writing And A Fat Bank Account

There’s a truth in all good writing, and if you accept it and live by it you could earn yourself a fortune from your own computer.

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I recently had lunch with an old friend of mine who is a successful writer. Realizing that anyone who knows how to communicate with strong writing has valuable insight, after we’d talked for a while I had to ask him if he had any tips on making my own writing stronger.

According to him, the first sign of an amateur writer is telling the reader something instead of showing them.

It took me a second to realize what he meant, but once I did I realized this rule doesn’t just apply to writing.

In life and in writing, ideas are easy to come up with. But action is what separates the haves and have nots.

Too many people get great ideas, tell people that they’re going to start a business or go on a big trip, but when the rubber meets the road and they never actually do what they say.

We all know that person who writes long posts and posts pictures about how they’re going to change their life, but a few months later nothing has changed because they weren’t committed enough to take serious action and showing people that they were doing something awesome instead of just telling them.

Hell, that person might even be you.

Doing something is always harder than talking about doing something, but I have some good news for you.

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