Once You Learn The Birds And The Bees

There are two lessons that I think it is impossible to become an adult without learning.

First, the birds and the bees. (But we won’t talk about that here.)

Second, and more interesting, how to use a recipe book.

Before you’re willing to submit to and learn from people who have mastered food, you’re doomed to eat cereal, eggs, cold sandwiches and chicken in all its various forms. Good food will forever be either (a) a magical mystery or (b) something you can’t afford.

Cooking is not hard; it just requires humble submission and a willingness to learn ‘the way.’

So maybe it is hard for some people.

Unfortunately, even many people who cook don’t apply the lesson to marketing.

There’s a way. When we teach it to our clients, they make commissions in the $1000s, $5000s, and $9000s.

And heck, if you haven’t learned how to cook, the least we can do is make you enough money so that you never have to.

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Joseph Smith

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