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Email Overwhelm? Stop Checking It.

The simple fix to free up your time and hit $1,000.00+ paydays like clockwork…
(Affiliate Name) dropping by…

According to studies, the same addictive quality of checking email, gives us the exact same feeling of pulling down the lever on a slot machine…
We pull the lever or open the email a few times…

…We get a couple duds.

Yet, we’re in expectation of something GREAT!

5-6 pulls in?

We stumble across a winner winner chicken dinner.

And we crave this feeling. Like a kid in a candy store. We keep coming back for more and more.

But it makes us slower than a one-legged marathoner when it comes to getting our stuff done, right?

In psychology, this is called The Random Reward.

Even high-level entrepreneurs and achievers are having this battle with their emails.

Simple as it sounds?

Just fixing this ONE THING can change your business and life.

And all it takes is a bit of awareness and a good plan.

And the plan is 99% of the time, as simple as this:
Don’t Check Your Email Until A Set Time In The Afternoon.
Imagine how much you’d get done if you only checked email between 3:00-4:00 every day.
Imagine how much better you’d FEEL.
Clarity and focus skyrockets.

Cause when we hop onto the email train in the AM… (Some even check it when they have to hop out of bed and pee at 3am)

…We enter SOMEONE ELSE’S to-do list.

Not our own.

Feeling me here?

You’ll easily free up a few hours a day if you take this seriously.

And I hope you do.

Whatcha going to do with all that extra time?

I’d recommend you focus on one thing, like investing in traffic.

Something that’ll move your business and life forward, and that gives you leverage.

In just 1-2 hours, or even less, each day?

You can leverage FB Ads, Solo Ads, or any other type of paid or free advertising to start driving leads into your business.

Which results in SALES if you stay at it.

You’ll be making the internet your own little slot machine that spits out regular affiliate commissions for you.

Rather than letting little ole email hold you back and control you as it does so many.

Not sure if you know how to drive leads yet?

Or, if you have a system to send them to that’ll bring you the “cha-ching”?

If not…

You may be interested in checking out what’s working VERY WELL for myself and many other partners right now…

(To the tune of over $75 million in raw commissions being paid out…)

You don’t need experience to make this work either.

Just a willingness to use the system.

You’re getting a coach and A-Z training, right from driving traffic, to getting done-for-you high ticket sales.

I’m not sure how much longer they can keep offering the free coaching?

And I’m not sure if they’ll be raising the price on this soon either?

Either way, I’d be honoured to have you join us!

===> Yes! Show me the details please!



Joseph Smith

Stop Getting By And Start Living Life

If you’ve ever taken a professional communications class or seminar, then you’ve probably been told about verbal markers. (Hold on to your hats because this is some of the stuff people pay outrageous tuition for)

A verbal marker is simply saying something like, “uh huh” when someone is talking to you. The idea is that by saying, “right” or “uh huh” while someone is talking to you lets the person know that you’re actively listening to what their saying.

But of course, people misuse this trick so that they can simply pretend that they’re listening when they might as well be on the moon.

Which means that people use verbal markers to just skip through boring parts of life while appearing to be focused. If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably used this trick without even thinking about it.

Now while it may sound like an easy way to deal with your boss or aunt who loves to tell you about her trip to France, misusing verbal markers is a problem.

Because you’re just getting by and not really living.

How many times have you told yourself, “If I can just make it through this week then I’ll be set” or, “if I can just make it to Christmas then I’ll be happy”?

The problem when you do that is that instead of actually trying to do a good job or be happy, you’re resigned to only doing what you need to do until Friday or until Christmas.

And that’s no way to live.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that you now have access to a system that pays so well that if you join and make a career out of it you’ll never just, “get by” when it comes to work.

The system is called MTTB and it not only allows you to work from your own computer wherever you choose but it can also earn you some serious cash.

As in $51,373,000.

That’s how much the MTTB founder earned using the same system you can access by clicking below.

Quit just getting by and start living by clicking below.



Joseph Smith

Don’t Waste Time Growth Hacking. Earn Money Online Now

So you want to earn money through online advertising? Better get familiar with the term growth hacking.

Don’t know what that is? Keep reading to find out what it is and why you don’t want to have to do it.

Basically, when you have a product or service that you want to sell online you have to find the design or angle that earns you the most money, and when it comes to online advertising the choices are infinite. From things like what groups you target to what sites you place the ads on and things like the shape and space your ad takes up, you have to exhaust every option to find the best one.

And that’s the best way to describe the process of growth hacking, exhausting.

It’s like having the right numbers for a PIN number but not knowing the order they go in. There are a thousand different combinations and you don’t know which one is right until you try it. Which means you could be stuck trying failing ad strategies with no success.

And that’s with online advertising experience. If you’re just starting out, then good luck because you’ve got a long, frustrating road ahead of you.

There is one way around growth hacking though, and its name is MTTB.

Instead of wasting time and money figuring out the perfect combination of ads and placement, MTTB affiliates are given ads to place online after they’ve completed a 21 step training program with a personal mentor.

And then they earn thousands in commissions every week while working from their own computer.

Thanks to MTTB’s established methods, its affiliates get to skip the growth hacking period and launch their online advertising careers way ahead of those going at it alone.

Want to be one of them? Click below to learn more about MTTB.



Joseph Smith

Not All Press Is Good Press

Not all press is good press.

We certainly learned this last week when Pepsi got lambasted for its racially naïve Kendall Jenner ad.

But we instantly forgot it when we got distracted by United, who lost $800 million after its snafu went viral.

The Internet may be unforgiving, but at least it has terrible problems with short-term memory. (It’s an inviolable law of PR: there is always a bigger idiot.)

Can you imagine all of the small- and mid-size companies whose smug sense of superiority turned into jealousy when they realized they’ll never get that kind of national exposure?

Not all press is good press, but no press is bad.

Getting noticed, and getting noticed for the right reasons, by the right market is a science.

And it’s a science which we have studied, contributed to, and teach.

Want to master internet marketing and PR?

We’ll teach you.

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Joseph Smith

Oscar Munoz Is The Worst Apologizer

Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, is probably a highly qualified business strategist, but must have missed an important day of first grade:

The day everyone else learned to say “I’m sorry.”

His first attempt at an apology wasn’t an apology at all—it was him complaining about the inconvenience of the situation: I’m sorry for “having to re-accommodate these customers.

In his second attempt—admittedly an improvement—he still justified himself by describing the passenger as “disruptive and belligerent.”

Eventually, probably after asking Professor Google for help, he came up with a real apology: “We will take full responsibility and we will work to make it right.”

The third time may be the charm, but no one felt ‘charmed’ by this failure of an apology.

As a professional communicator, Munoz should have known that an angered public never accepts anything less than full admission of guilt, and that a company like United loses nothing by make such an admission.

Learn to write convincing web copy through MTTB.

Not only will you become an effective and compelling online communicator, and not only will you receive a launching pad into the field of communication…

You’ll be better at making and keeping friends.

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Joseph Smith

Instagram Is Killing People !

Instagram is killing people.

Now, it isn’t Instagram’s fault—and it isn’t inherently evil—but the fact stands.

Almost all of us have some degree of insecurity, and many of us turn to social media either to prop ourselves up or feel bad that our lives aren’t as great as the people we follow.

It isn’t even the fault of the people who post pictures about how great their lives are—some of their lives are genuinely great.

Social media, and the Internet in general, are swimming with little images of ‘the good life’ and people sharing that ‘Yes, in fact, my life is good.’

But there’s something missing.

The goal of this letter is not just to show you a picture of a good life, but to invite you into one.

Some people you follow will only offer you images of their achievements in their work, romance, and recreational lives.

There is a life freer of financial stress, overbearing bosses, and b**chy coworkers—if you’ll pardon the French.

Getting a better job helps. Especially one with:
– Otherworldly vertical and horizontal support
– No income ceiling
– Meticulous training and space for independence plus a dedicated community

Remember, I’m not here to flaunt. I’m here to invite you.

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Joseph Smith

How To Work Outside..

Steven is twenty-six-year-old graphic designer for a T-shirt printing company in Alaska.

And for the first time in his life, he is depressed.

His wife works as a nurse in the Navy, and that’s where she was deployed last fall, so he followed her up there.

At some point this winter, the Sun started rising right after he got to work and setting right after he left.

For all he is concerned, stuck inside most of the day, the Sun might just as well not exist.

(I can’t help but feel the dramatic irony as I write this in my front porch rocking chair.)

Not everyone lives with Steven in perpetual darkness, but being stuck inside all day isn’t healthy for anybody.

Choosing your own physical work space is just one benefit of starting your own online business with MTTB. But there are more:
– Setting hours that work for you
– Making as much money as you want—it’s up to you
– Trusting your product creation, sales, order fulfillment, and customer complaints to our veteran team—we’ve got your back
– Re-gaining a sense of ownership in your work

Come on out. Weather’s nice.

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Joseph Smith

Overwhelmed ? Problems Getting Your 1st Sale…

How much is this costing you every day?

(Affiliate Name) here…

Our thoughts can be our #1 enemy.

If we’re not careful?

We begin to believe WE ARE our thoughts. That they are in full control of our destiny.

Most folks?

They think they must be motivated before they can start. That they need to feel courage. Confidence. The desire to act. However, chew on this thought…

What follows can change your life…
You know those massive Hot Air Balloons that float around in the sky, often at big events like the Super Bowl?


And oftentimes?

You’ll see a message plastered across the big blimp in bold letters.
You see it floating on past you. You can “observe and note” what it says, right?
But do you take those words too seriously?


It says what it needs to say…
And before you know it, the message has floated on by.
This is how we can FRAME our THOUGHTS.
We can observe them. We can take note. But we don’t have to take them so seriously.

In fact, we must not. We cannot!
They’re just thoughts!
Think about this…
…The wealthiest people on earth.
…World class athletes.
…Authors and Movie Producers.
…And everyone else you think has their mind “right”.

They ALL experience the same feelings we do.

Feelings to procrastinate. (Which is really just a mechanism to cope with stress.)
Feelings of not wanting to do it. Not being in the mood.
Feelings of doubt, regret, and fear.

The preference to want to sleep in, or plop down on the couch and watch Netflix, rather than producing value and perfecting their craft.
The ONLY difference… is they don’t take their thoughts so seriously.

They’ve taken OWNERSHIP of their life.

They’ve discovered that you can’t count on how you feel. But you CAN count on how you act.
And they recognize this success sequence:
Action doesn’t come after motivation. Motivation comes after action.

(That’s a writer-downer.)

You can INSTANTLY take ownership of your life as well. Right now.
You don’t have to change a thing about your thoughts. No motivation needed.
Thoughts don’t dictate results. They don’t make our dreams come true.

Action DOES.
Need to set-up a website? Don’t feel up to it tonight?

It’s fine to feel that way. Do it anyways.
Want to follow a plan to get to $10,000 a month and leave your job?
But don’t want to do the work? Rather play Candy Crush?

That’s fine. You don’t have to like it. You can hate it. Curse at it. And then do it anyways.

THAT is all that counts.
Hope this makes sense?
And I hope this is helpful?
Maybe even somewhat LIBERATING?
This is all coming straight from my heart!

Something else that helps get the ball rolling in this arena is support, and proven systems.

That’s why the system that’s helping me achieve financial and time independence for myself and my family…

It can also be providing you with the support you need, right by your side, as you grow your online empire up.

And you’re getting a step-by-step system that keeps you out of your head, and into getting results.

We’ll start small together, getting your first few Big Ticket sales rolling in…

Then we’ll scale up quickly from there, up to $5K, $10K and up weeks and then days…

The results happen fast! You’ll see this as you’re hitting the refresh button on your stats, and see the power as $1k to $10K commissions are rolling into your affiliate account!

Would income like that help out?
You’ll be earning in ONE SALE what takes most other less savvy marketers 100+ low ticket sales to earn.
And don’t worry, you’re backed by a 100% money back guarantee this will work for you.
Open to testing the system out for yourself?

If your thoughts have been holding you back, I understand that. But now that you know…
How long are you willing to let them keep holding you back from living the life you deserve?
I’m rooting for you.

===> YES! I’m Ready To Begin Right Now.


Joseph Smith

Spread So Thin You Can See Right Through You

The distractions will only continue to get worse!

(Affiliate name) here…

Ever hit a season in your life where it feels like your thoughts are like a garden hose with the nozzle turned to mist?

No focus.
No power.

Mind pulling you 1,000 different directions. Opportunities galore for you to choose from. Without focus?

You feel like a millionaire who has deposited one single dollar into a million different banks.

You can’t have clarity that way, right?

Makes it hard to say NO to anything.

Yet, so many people, places and things beg for our attention at all hours of the day, and it’s making things hard for most of us…

How do we get what we want out of life?

…The lifestyle?
…The freedom?
…The income?

We must stop spraying. And start focusing. By focusing on ONE THING at a time, we can conquer any goal we want to hit, in record time.

Following me?
Here’s how we do it…

Set PURPOSE and COMMITMENTS to doing what will hit your goals.

If you’d like to make $100K in your online business this year?

And you have a map to take you there?

And let’s say you’ve set aside 2 hrs. tonight to start driving leads to your funnel, which can result in lucrative sales.
You’re all excited to start…

Then your buddy calls and wants to hang out. Begs and pleads!
For several reasons, the pull will be towards saying, “YES!”
You’ll create no riffs with your friend. And you’ll get some instant gratification.


You’ve just moved further away from your $100k goal. And what THAT would mean for you and your family.
Quitting your J-O-B. Working remote from your laptop. Never missing out on your loved one’s lives.
Yet is soooooo easy to do what’s easy in the moment!

Am I right?

So we have to strengthen our “NO Muscles” and our personal commitments.
Think of it this way…

You’ve booked a trip to Bermuda with your family.

You’re on the way to the airport. You’re sporting your favorite Tommy Bahama button-up shirt, with pretty pink flamingos printed all over it…
Jimmy Buffet’s Margheritaville is pumping through the speakers.

Then your friend calls.
And he want to treat you to lunch.
Would you go? Would you turn around and head back?
No, of course not.


How could you EASILY say, “I’d love to, but I can’t.” in this context?

But not when you’re doing something like gaining financial independence? Just my thoughts…

But in this context?

You’re moving forward with PURPOSE.
You know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going.

And that makes all the difference in the world my friend.
Hope this is helpful?

Sometimes it’s all to easy to “spray” all over the internet as we’re building our business.
Because there’s just so much to do.

I’m sure you’ve felt that same way too?

That’s why I love The Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle System so much…

ALL you’re focusing on is sending traffic.

That’s it.

Everything else is handled.

And THAT can give you pure focus to get behind and get started on something.

Just focus on leads. And we’ll show you how to easily do that.

And before you know it, consistent $100, $1000 and up to $10,000 days can be coming in like clockwork. Interested?

===> Yes! Tell me more


Joseph Smith

Got Clicks ? Zero Sales Showing Up…

Sales will stay at $0 until this is fixed…

(Affiliate Name) dropping by…

Real quick, as I’m just heading out the door…

I’ve been spotting in our FB Group some frustrated folks trying to get to their first few sales.

They’ve got a few clicks.

They’re smiling over the 27 fresh leads that are now in their email account.

They’ve even been emailing them for 7 days straight! (Hey… kudos to you!)

And yet?

…ZERO SALES are staring back at them.

With a deer in the headlights look, they’re thinking…

“…Is something broken?”

“…Am I doing something wrong?”


Maybe, they’re thinking this business is like a game of Putt-Putt Golf? When in reality…It’s a regular Golf Game with long drives and 18 holes and all…

Let me explain…

For one… Last I checked, you can’t take clicks and conversions to the store to buy a gallon of milk.

All that counts are SALES.

Green dollars you can feel in your hands!

And to get there, you have to treat it like playing a game of golf.

The Golf Ball is your conversion.

Every little email you write. Every little piece of content you create. It should all be with the goal of moving the ball closer to the hole. (The sale.)

This means you’re swinging and marketing with purpose and intention.

You’re adding a bit of value every day. It might take a couple swings. Or it might take a hundred. Doesn’t matter really.

You just keep adding value and moving the ball forward. Eventually it’ll be near the hole and the sales will start rolling in naturally.

And naturally… the more balls (leads) you have out there on the greens, the better you’ll do!

Just cause I love you, here’s one little bit of STRATEGY to add to your bag.

Let’s say you’re promoting affiliate marketing. THAT is the golf ball you’re using. And you’re talking about it day after day…

Would it make sense after a few days to start talking about building an eCommerce business? And then a few days later… hop on to talking about being a Kindle Author or an Etsy Store owner selling Goat Soap?

No sir!

No ma’am!

Each time you do that?

You lose trust. You lose credibility. And the ball starts right back on the T. Square ONE. Making sense? Good. Now…

Back to strategy again…

Most strategies require YOU to build your own golf course and build your own clubs to swing with.

I don’t know about you? But I’m not a big fan of digging dirt.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could just start driving Golf Balls to the hole each day, and not have to worry about anything else?

That’s why I’m taking advantage of Matt’s offer and what he’s doing to help out…

You get the done-for-you system. And you’re getting a caddie (coach) to help make sure you’re using the right clubs to profit quickly with… ASAP…

And if you keep at it, you can start seeing the sales rolling in over and over again… And don’t be surprised if you get a few hole-in-ones, or $1k up to $10K+ sales if you’ve positioned yourself on the greens right.

It happens every day. Imagine getting a personal notification from Matt when that happens. Congrats!

Ready to play?

===> Yes! I’m ready to begin!



Joseph Smith