Learn Sales From St Patrick

Do you know the real story of St. Patrick’s Day?

You know, the day that Americans celebrate by getting riotously drunk and vomiting in the Chicago River?

Or by cooking the cheapest, fattiest cuts of over-salted corned beef?

Or… (you get the point)

The man behind the myth was a diligent salesmen/monk who paved the way for the conversion of Ireland to the Christian religion.

Say what you want about religion – this guy knew how to qualify and convert leads.

If he were alive and (still) kicking today, MTTB would have him in to train our students.

As it is, we’re hard at work turning people like you into dynamic, effective salesmen who score high on the only sales metric that matters: income.

Take our challenge seriously enough, and you’ll get good.

And then who knows? Maybe some country you haven’t heard of will start drinking green beer in your honor 1,000 years from now.

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Joseph Smith

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