This Copywriter Wrote Murder Mysteries

Dorothy Sayers took writing to a whole ‘nother level.

Not only did she writing powerful sales letters in the early twentieth century, she also wrote plays, murder mysteries, and a crap-ton of other fiction and non-fiction.

Throughout her writing, she deals with the interplay of themes of gender, work, romance, and calling.

In one of her more autobiographical novels, she summed up her philosophy of work best in one image: “I’m not a meek accompanist.”

But her insights about work are not confined to the early twentieth century, and they’re not confined to conversations about gender and work.

The fact is, people are different. Some are content to be ‘meek accompanists.’ Others aren’t, but they also aren’t bold enough to do the work they were made for. A very slim minority do have the boldness, and they get to be actual musicians like Sayers.

I know you’re not content to be a ‘meek accompanist.’ But I’m not sure whether you’ll take the opportunity to develop into an ‘actual musician.’

Will you?

MTTB is the perfect, low-risk place to find out.

Of course, it will take more investment the further you build—like anything—but you’re free to test the waters today.

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Joseph Smith

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