Will You Follow Charlie Chaplin’s Footsteps?

Despite being known as an actor who portrayed a down on his luck tramp Charlie Chaplin’s life was full of the same devastating losses and twists as his films, and if you keep reading more about his life you’ll see why there’s no reason you can’t be earning $100,000+ in just a year from now.

Charlie Chaplin’s father abandoned him and his mother, and while his mother did his best to provide for him he was in and out of work houses as a child. But it got worse, because when he was just 14 years old his mother was committed to a mental asylum.

But that didn’t stop Chaplin from becoming an actor and comedian. Still, his future didn’t look bright.

Then something bad happened to him and it changed his life.

In 1913, Chaplin received a telegraph from two lawyers asking to meet with him in New York. Thinking he was inheriting a fortune from a deceased aunt, Chaplin travelled from London to New York, but when he met with the lawyers he only found more disappointment.

Or so it seemed.

They’d seen Chaplin perform and thought he would be a great film actor in the company they were forming. Chaplin had never acted for film before, but he decided to give it a shot.

And the rest is history.

So what does this have to do with you earning $100,000+ a year from now?

Chaplin’s career was going nowhere, but just when things got worse he tried a new job he found incredible success.

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