Got Clicks ? Zero Sales Showing Up…

Sales will stay at $0 until this is fixed…

(Affiliate Name) dropping by…

Real quick, as I’m just heading out the door…

I’ve been spotting in our FB Group some frustrated folks trying to get to their first few sales.

They’ve got a few clicks.

They’re smiling over the 27 fresh leads that are now in their email account.

They’ve even been emailing them for 7 days straight! (Hey… kudos to you!)

And yet?

…ZERO SALES are staring back at them.

With a deer in the headlights look, they’re thinking…

“…Is something broken?”

“…Am I doing something wrong?”


Maybe, they’re thinking this business is like a game of Putt-Putt Golf? When in reality…It’s a regular Golf Game with long drives and 18 holes and all…

Let me explain…

For one… Last I checked, you can’t take clicks and conversions to the store to buy a gallon of milk.

All that counts are SALES.

Green dollars you can feel in your hands!

And to get there, you have to treat it like playing a game of golf.

The Golf Ball is your conversion.

Every little email you write. Every little piece of content you create. It should all be with the goal of moving the ball closer to the hole. (The sale.)

This means you’re swinging and marketing with purpose and intention.

You’re adding a bit of value every day. It might take a couple swings. Or it might take a hundred. Doesn’t matter really.

You just keep adding value and moving the ball forward. Eventually it’ll be near the hole and the sales will start rolling in naturally.

And naturally… the more balls (leads) you have out there on the greens, the better you’ll do!

Just cause I love you, here’s one little bit of STRATEGY to add to your bag.

Let’s say you’re promoting affiliate marketing. THAT is the golf ball you’re using. And you’re talking about it day after day…

Would it make sense after a few days to start talking about building an eCommerce business? And then a few days later… hop on to talking about being a Kindle Author or an Etsy Store owner selling Goat Soap?

No sir!

No ma’am!

Each time you do that?

You lose trust. You lose credibility. And the ball starts right back on the T. Square ONE. Making sense? Good. Now…

Back to strategy again…

Most strategies require YOU to build your own golf course and build your own clubs to swing with.

I don’t know about you? But I’m not a big fan of digging dirt.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could just start driving Golf Balls to the hole each day, and not have to worry about anything else?

That’s why I’m taking advantage of Matt’s offer and what he’s doing to help out…

You get the done-for-you system. And you’re getting a caddie (coach) to help make sure you’re using the right clubs to profit quickly with… ASAP…

And if you keep at it, you can start seeing the sales rolling in over and over again… And don’t be surprised if you get a few hole-in-ones, or $1k up to $10K+ sales if you’ve positioned yourself on the greens right.

It happens every day. Imagine getting a personal notification from Matt when that happens. Congrats!

Ready to play?

===> Yes! I’m ready to begin!



Joseph Smith

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